Monday to Sunday we open at 11:00 am & Close at 10:00 pm. We are always here to serve you. Please take your time.

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Our Motto

Desi is an Sanskrit term for the people and culture . In North India, “Desi” in the context of food , implies “traditional.” Indian spices came into existence more than 7000 years ago. From the different kings and dynasties that have ruled India, it took time to reach common man. Here we take the honor to present those traditional recipes cooked in authentic spices to take you on a flavorful journey of traditional to modern India. We offer a diversity of dishes from four corners of India. Every dish is prepared from fresh and natural ingredients skilled to perfection. We offer a wide range of Indian food, including irresistible snacks and appetizers, spiced lentil dals, aromatic curries and vegetables. Our aim is to make your dining enjoyable and satisfactory. Thanks for your visit to “Desi Den” restaurant. - Simranjeet Singh

Meet Our Team


Mickey Rorey

Non - Veg Specialist

Jason Statham

Chef Supervisor

Kenau Reevs

Event Specialist


People Mgmt

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